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Outlander Tours of Scotland

Outlander Tours of Scotland Clava Cairns
Outlander Tours of Scotland - Clava Cairns

Outlander Tours of Scotland

Reel Private Tours now offer Outlander Tours of Scotland based on the popular Outlander book and TV series. My name is Iain Simpson, and we Simpsons, “Son of Simon”, are a sect of the clan Fraser, a people who arrived in Scotland in the 12th century, and given lands by King David 1.

Our itineraries, as is the the policy of Reel, will remain flexible, in accordance with the requirements of our customers, for each individual tour, and our proposed Day Tours are suggestions only. However I have tried to cover as much appropriate ground as possible, to cover Outlander film locations, and Jacobite history. Each individual tour will be honed to suit the requirements of each individual tour party. The same will be said for accommodation, in that 3, 4 or 5 star accommodation can be arranged, according to customer requirements/choice/budget. In this regard, it should be stated that reasonable notice ahead of time should be allowed, to ensure we can book what is required.

I can cater for 1-8 passengers, but as we are travelling some distance, I would recommend a maximum of 6, giving more room and comfort to passengers.

The length of each day again will be flexible, to ensure that our clients see as much as they want to without over stretching. Meanwhile all entrance fees, food, ferries and accommodation will be for the visitors account. I shall give customers website details of all proposed accommodation, so all costs can be easily calculated.

Throughout the tour I shall be attempting to give as much information as I can, supported by appropriate music at appropriate times. Every attempt will be made to give you as much of the atmosphere that this wonderful country of mine engenders.

On the tour itinerary, you will notice the following symbols which specify:

(O) Outlander locations
(NTS) National Trust of Scotland
(HS) Historic Environment Scotland

Now in the course of these tours, a number of properties are under the control of either the NTS or HES, so I would recommend you taking out temporary membership, as this will prove economic for you. This can either be done on line, or can be arranged at the first property attached to either organisation.

Tours can start/end anywhere according to customer requirement, but our suggested Outlander Jacobite tours start and end in Edinburgh.

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