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City of Edinburgh walking tours from Calton Hill
City of Edinburgh from Calton Hill

The best way to see most cities, is to do it on foot. Reel’s Edinburgh walking tours encompass the totally contrasting Old and New Towns, both World Heritage Sites in their own right, tells you that this is one extraordinary and special city.

It is a small city, so again another great reason to see it on foot, but with some of the very old cobbled streets and some steepish hills, come with comfortable and sturdy footwear. It is a very green city too, with the famous Arthur’s Seat (taken from the old Gaelic meaning “Height of Arrows”) and the Park of Holyrood, the idea of King James V from the 16th century.

You will learn of her history, and why she has two nicknames in “Auld Reekie” and “The Athens of the North.”

It has been the capital of the country since the murder of King James 1 in 1447.

Come and see her wonderful architecture, the Royal Palace, her churches and cathedrals, the University, her Galleries and Museums and perhaps the most famous Castle in the world, perched upon the great piece of igneous volcanic rock, that the great glaciers of the ice age were unable to budge. Geologically, it is too a quite marvellous City.

Old College Edinburgh University

There are views everywhere, stories and odd tales abound, and together with York, it is the most haunted city in the UK, and so full of atmosphere.

Great place to eat and pubs abound.

Edinburgh too has produced some very famous people.

She is the fourth financial centre in Europe, whilst during the second half of the 18th century, became the centre of European learning, during the famous Era of Enlightenment, without doubt the greatest era for this most beautiful and charismatic of cities.

It is a city too very much famous for the Arts, and the simple idea, concocted by a group of Edinburghians in 1947, to start a Festival for the Arts, simply to cheer people up in a time of harsh economic reality five years after the end of World War 11,has now developed into something, with the Edinburgh Fringe, that has become the greatest Arts Festival in the World. Added to which, the world famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo, started a few years later in 1950, has become an event with no other world equal.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Edinburgh Military Tattoo

I am very proud to have been born in this great city. Do come and experience it for yourselves on our Edinburgh walking tours.

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